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Prudent AI has found it's purpose - and it's not audit

February 28, 2023
2 min read
"a startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model”
- Steve Blank

When Sri and I came together to work on PrudentAI - we wanted to make the best audit technology product in the world. But we had a very basic problem, while everyone believed that this was the future and we were the right team to attack this problem, nobody wanted it today.

We did deep market experiments to narrow down our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) - audit firms, internal auditors, external auditors, Controllers, CFOs, Risk and IA heads. The data and evidences we got were conclusive and cold. Not enough people care about audit quality and by extension our product was not solving an important problem.

We have always had the skills & experience - Handling financial data
We have been doing the hard work - Building AI tech products
We had a method to evaluate opportunities - value, volume, potential

And when we built ZenOCR - a SaaS product for the NonQM mortgage space, we had also found our the perfect market for our wares.

We are now solving the right problem where - the need urgent & important, our skills and tech are valuable . In short - we have found our repeatable and scalable business model aka purpose . How do we know this is it? Our customers love us and are telling us that. Also every data point is validating it:

- Our revenue grew 4X
- 100% nett retention
- Perfect NPS scores
- Customers refer and bring us new customers
- Customers actively contribute to our product roadmap

ZenOCR is becoming the headline and the only business at PrudentAI. We will be focussing entirely on our smart lending decision platform going forward. Because the easiest thing for us is to love our customers back.

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