Lendsure Increases its loan volumes by 66% with Prudent AI

Prudent AI has increased Lendsure's productivity by saving a minimum of 2 hours per loan application.
Joseph Lydon
Managing Director, Lendsure Mortgage Corp.


Lendsure, a leading mortgage provider in California, was one of the first customers of Prudent AI and they've seen tremendous results in terms of team productivity, loan volumes, and time saved.


Until Prudent AI, Lendsure's document processing pipeline relied on a combination of manual processes and excel macros.

What changed with Prudent AI?

Their team approximately spent 2 to 4 hours just to get the income data from bank statements and perform analysis of the collated income data. Now they spend as low as 10 to 30 minutes per application including analysis. With the help of the new solution, Lendsure doubled the number of loans they’ve issued over the last few months.

Joseph Lydon, the managing director of Lendsure, he said,

Prudent AI has made our employees happier by automating monotonous work, reducing errors and brought us great speed, accuracy & scale.

Lendsure has completely moved away from Excel macros and is now using Prudent AI for processing bank statements and arriving at the qualified income of a borrower at a click of a button.

Key Metrics

Lendsure has seen several significant improvements since they started using Prudent AI. Here are a few: 

  • Bank statement analysis in under 15 minutes
  • A 66% in loan volumes few weeks into using Prudent AI.
  • A minimum of 2 hours saved per each loan application.

Prudent AI truly helped Lendsure in maximizing their lending capacity and in improving their overall team productivity.

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