About American Heritage Lending

Established in 2004, American Heritage Lending has emerged as the premier choice for Real Estate Investors. With over 15 years in the industry, they have solidified their position as the #1 lender, known for providing swift and reliable loan services tailored to the ever-evolving real estate market. Their core expertise lies in the hard-money sector, encompassing bridge, fix and flip, and long-term rental property loans. Their strategic alliance with one of America's largest hedge funds bestows upon them the agility to expedite loan processes. With a deep-rooted understanding of diverse facets of real estate lending and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, their guiding principle is clear: they are only as excellent as their last loan. For those seeking a seasoned, dependable, and proficient lender for investment properties, American Heritage Lending stands out as the unparalleled choice.


Bank statement loans

Company size

150+ employees


Irvine, California

Their Challenge

Prior to Prudent AI, American Heritage Lending used a different document automation product to process borrower bank statements. The primary issue they faced was speed. Processing bank statements took several hours, and documents containing unreadable information extended this time even further. Additionally, the support offered by their technology partner was subpar, creating more obstacles in an already slow process.

Before Prudent AI
Took 2-3 hours to pre-approve a loan application
Spent more time and resources to run their technology stack
Subpar support from their technology partner
After Prudent AI
Pre-approval happens in 15 minutes
The team saves thousands of dollars each month
Timely support every step of the way

The Impact

The integration of Prudent AI led to significant improvements in American Heritage's operations. Their pre-approval times were 15 minutes, compared to several hours, allowing them to serve more customers in less time. As a result, loan volumes surged by 300%, contributing to an increase in revenue. In addition, the efficiency of Prudent AI allowed ClearEdge to save tens of thousands of dollars each month in operating costs, making their operations not just faster, but also more cost-effective.

We're not just users. We're fans! We have saved tens of thousands of dollars switching to Prudent AI. With the volumes we do now, we would need a dedicated team to do this if we didn't use Prudent Al. The results are instantaneous, and we communicate to our clients fast, hugely improving our customer service. The analytics are very precise, our audits and investor feedback confirm, and we love how easy it is to use.
Jacqueline Weed
VP of Third-Party Originations, American Heritage
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