We're on a mission to enable lenders to
make smart lending decisions

Our goal is to deliver rapid intelligence on borrowers' creditworthiness with accurate financial data that is easily consumable by lenders to make fast, risks-free lending decisions.
$4 billion+
Worth of loans disbursed
Increase in loan volumes
4 hours
saved for each loan application
Customer satisfaction

Our Story

Prudent AI’s eureka moment happened when Jay & Sri were warming down in their sports club after a badminton game. Having worked at EY for more than 10 years, they had deep insights into the world of finance and accounting. They realized they had unique insights that helped them see a great opportunity in the Finance and tech intersection.  

First, trust and evidence are the biggest time and cost factors in finance processes. Second, finance was lagging behind in technology adoption and presented huge opportunities for improvement. Lastly, the best way to address this lag was via an impactful software product. Given they both lived in the same city – starting up together was the natural next step.  

It all fell in place when leading Non-QM lender,  Lendsure Mortgage Corporation , came looking for analysis of bank statements for their non-QM lending business. They realized they had the perfect solution in the mortgage tech space. Prudent AI has since collaborated with several top lenders in the US, including Angel Oak, Lendsure, Homebridge, Clearedge, and several others, solidifying its position as the benchmark for bank statement processing.

At Prudent AI, we're on a mission to help lenders take their business to the next level, and we're continuously innovating to leverage the power of AI across different facets of loan origination.
Our Principles

What we're all about

At Prudent AI, we keep a few principles close to our hearts
Focus on learning and growth
At Prudent AI, we encourage a growth mindset. We’re made up of curious minds & help each other discover our superpowers. We encourage our team to ask a lot of questions, find answers, and build their knowledge to deliver an exceptional experience for our employees, customers, and partners.
Build a high-trust ecosystem
We believe that we can achieve more when we collaborate as a team in a high-trust environment. We consider every employee, customer, and partner we work with as part of our team & value their opinion. We strive to provide a high trust ecosystem for them to thrive
Be bold & fearless
We’re risk-takers. We believe nothing new can be created or progress can be made if everyone follows the same playbook. We like thinking outside the box and it has immensely helped us & our customers till now.
Don’t hold yourself back
Participation is the first step to betterment. It applies to people and products. We want every employee, customer, and partner to speak their mind. If you think of something that could make the product experience better? Say it out loud. We’re here to listen.
Focus on the method. Not the metric
Do things the right way and do it well. The only thing we focus on is to see whether what we do superpowers our customers. If we achieve that through the right methods, the results will be taken care of. 
Think like an entrepreneur
At Prudent AI, we love driven employees who take individual responsibility. We give them the space to express themselves & allow them to run their functions with complete autonomy. 

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