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We're not just users. We're fans!

We have saved tens of thousands of dollars switching to Prudent AI. With the volumes we do now, we would need a dedicated team to do this if we didn't use Prudent Al.

The results are instantaneous, and we communicate to our clients fast, hugely improving our customer service. The analytics are very precise, our audits and investor feedback confirm, and we love how easy it is to use.

Jacqueline Weed
Vice President, Third Party Originations
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Prudent AI is a game changer!

I chose Prudent AI over other vendors due to its unique capability to tailor 'Income calculation' as per our guidelines.

The intuitive UI/UX design is another high point, letting our sales and underwriting teams access information in no time. Notably, Prudent AI has allowed us to make significant cost savings per loan by cutting down on man-hours, thereby streamlining our expenses.

Alysse Prosnick
SVP Operations
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Working with Prudent AI is a great experience!

Prudent AI enhanced our efficiency, reduced response times, and offered great flexibility in processing and analysis.

They even worked with us to enhance our existing workflows. The ease of deployment and the ability to make changes on the fly were standout features that greatly benefited our team.

David Raju
Group Chief Information Officer
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Why switch to Prudent AI?
Here's why Prudent AI is better than other bank statement analyzers
Lightning fast: Blink and you'll miss it!
2 mins 17 seconds. That's the time it takes for us to process 24 months' bank statement.
Don't settle. Achieve 100% accuracy.
99% is good. But not good enough. Prudent AI offers 100% accurate results every single time.
Intelligent insights. Powered by AI.
Prudent AI automatically categorizes bank deposits and calculates the qualified income within minutes.
Customize the output your way
Why settle for your current tool's standardized output when you can get pre-filled output in your organization’s income worksheet format?
Scale fast. Spend less.
Prudent AI instantly scales based on your growing loan volumes and also helps you save on operating cost by up to 50%.
World class UX
Ease-of-use via design is a key feature of Prudent AI. Give your users superpowers with a powerful system that they can easily learn and use.
Thinking about switching to Prudent AI? 
Get started for Free
No commitment. Free for first 10 loans.
Processing time
~ Under 15 Mins
~ 4 Hours
100% accurate
Extraction of deposit details
Update and exclude bank
Summary of key info (NSF/
Automatic categorisation
of deposits to be included and
On-screen Expert mode to
include/exclude/edit income
Search/Filter any transaction on
Ownership and expense factors
Scenario builder (Adjusting time /
expense/ deposit categories)
Real-time calculation of
Net Qualified Income based on
inclusions / exclusion
Activity trail of all income
calculation decisions
Customized Output in
Organization’s Income
Calculation Format
10 Mins Onboarding
Takes several weeks
Step into the future of lending
UI interface of tools that calculates Prequalified Income in lending business
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