We're on a mission to help lenders make
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We build state-of-the-art AI tools to help lenders make sense of a borrower's financial DNA from all the available income and credit sources.

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Why did we build Prudent AI?
Having worked at the intersection of accounting, machine learning, and cybersecurity, we observed that the lending space hasn't seen a huge technological transformation yet.

We asked ourselves, “While other sectors are using AI to grow their business exponentially, why is the lending space still stuck with legacy solutions and outdated technology?” That question led us to build the fastest and the most functional loan pre-approval solution in the lending ecosystem.

Prudent AI's Core Principles

At Prudent AI, we keep a few principles close to our hearts.


Our leadership team is made up of industry veterans who have decades of experience in Mortgage, Fintech and AI.

Jayendran (Jay)
Srikanth (Sri)
Tammy R
Board Member
Paul Gigliotti
Head of Growth & Partnership
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