Prudent AI : Xpert
Unlock Comprehensive Income Insights on Borrowers in Real Time
Fast track your lending decisions with Xpert's customizable income analysis. Xpert comes with built-in income certainty assessment, real-time scenario modeling, and output customization.

Xpert - Your Intelligent Partner for Income analysis with customisation

Intuitive User Experience
Industry-Leading UI for Unmatched Control
Xpert's best-in-class interface offers a comprehensive 360° view of borrower income based on critical financial factors. Our AI provides intelligent recommendations, but with our intuitive design, you can easily override these insights and make final lending decisions with confidence.
Income Modeling
Run Income Scenarios in Real-time
Effortlessly explore what-if scenarios with Xpert's Income Intelligence Quotient. Reclassify transactions, adjust income and expense factors, and account for large deposits. Xpert instantly recalculates qualified income, displaying the real-time impact on your lending decisions. Tasks that previously took hours in Excel now take just minutes.
Financial Modeling
Run Income Scenarios in Real-time
Effortlessly explore what-if scenarios with Xpert's Income Intelligence Quotient. Reclassify transactions from income to non-income and vice versa, adjust factors, and account for large deposits. Xpert instantly recalculates the qualified income, showing you the real-time impact on your lending decisions.
Output Customization
Output Tailored to Your Lending Criteria
Every lending organization is unique, and Xpert is specifically built to integrate seamlessly with your distinct underwriting guidelines. Our fully customizable output ensure a perfect fit for your lending workflow, empowering you to effortlessly send verified loan applications that meet your precise standards.
Our Customers Have Achieved Remarkable Results With Us
“We're not just users. We're fans! We have saved tens of thousands of dollars switching to Prudent AI.

With the volumes we do now, we would need a dedicated team to do this if we didn't use Prudent Al. The results are instantaneous, and we communicate to our clients fast, hugely improving our customer service. The analytics are very precise, our audits and investor feedback confirm, and we love how easy it is to use.”
Jacqueline Weed
VP of Third-Party Originations, American Heritage
Switched from a competitor
American heritage brought their pre-approval time down to 15 mins
American Heritage Lending saw a whopping 300% increase in their lending volumes when they started preapproving loan applications in under 15 minutes.
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15 mins
Avg. Pre-approval Time
Increase in volume
3.5 hrs
Saved per loan
“Before Prudent AI, we worked with a BPO. The process was time-consuming, complex, and led to errors.

Thanks to Prudent AI, our efficiency and accuracy have skyrocketed. The tool's ability to detect unusual bank statements has been invaluable in identifying and preventing fraud.

It has saved us precious time and allowed our operations team to focus on more critical responsibilities.”
Kelly Tierney
Business Intelligence, Angel Oak
Angel oak Logo PNG in white colour
Switched from BPO
Angel Oak improved their underwriter productivity by 4X
Angel Oak has been able to process double the volumes in half the time. They also saved 50% on operating expenses.
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Increase in productivity
Cost savings
4 hours
Saved per loan
"Prudent AI has made our employees happier by automating monotonous work, reducing errors, and bringing us great speed.

We love the attention to detail, the high quality, and the flexibility to meet our needs. I’d always want Prudent AI on our side."
Joseph Lydon
Managing Director, LendSure Mortgage Corp
Switched from manual
LendSure increases its loan volumes by 450% with Prudent AI
On average, LendSure takes less than 5 minutes to process 24 months worth of bank statements. This helps them speed up their underwriting process, saving them 4 hours per loan application.
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Increase in volume
4 hours
Saved per loan
<5 mins
Avg. processing time
Step into the future of lending
UI interface of tools that calculates Prequalified Income in lending business
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